Friday, 17 July 2009

Golf ez game

So Spain was immense a bit hot for those of us who are tall pale white and carrying about 6 stone too many, ;-) But i finally found a resurgent golf game and started playing like a single figure golfer remaining undefeated for the entire holiday, both in fourballs with my dad as partner and in singles i thrashed the old man convincingly. The most notaable game wass a fourball bettefrball matchplay against 2 of our freinds who live out there 6 down after 7 no one would have bet on us winning on the 19th yep Spain was good, I even managed to play some poker at a club owned by an englishman and made a nice 800 euro profit on poker. Basically after this and my golfing exploits i ended upm having a free holiday coming back with 120£ more than i took and this covered my airfairs.

Just changed to Vc poker from Pokerstars the main reason being the 50% rakeback im now getting, val. Struggling a little though as the standard seems a lot higher on stars with far more regs who are easily spotable and grinding out a profit. But after 3 days play ive won a little after early losses and hopefully this rakeback will be a handy increase to my bamkroll. Planning to play the next deepstack weekend at dusk and a few trips away when Owe gets back and jeal sorts out his cashpout probs. Still gonna play a few tourneys on stars and i should really do something about my sharkscope on that site as its terrible lol so see you at the tables RockOfNorth is my name on all sites now.

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