Friday, 17 July 2009

Golf ez game

So Spain was immense a bit hot for those of us who are tall pale white and carrying about 6 stone too many, ;-) But i finally found a resurgent golf game and started playing like a single figure golfer remaining undefeated for the entire holiday, both in fourballs with my dad as partner and in singles i thrashed the old man convincingly. The most notaable game wass a fourball bettefrball matchplay against 2 of our freinds who live out there 6 down after 7 no one would have bet on us winning on the 19th yep Spain was good, I even managed to play some poker at a club owned by an englishman and made a nice 800 euro profit on poker. Basically after this and my golfing exploits i ended upm having a free holiday coming back with 120£ more than i took and this covered my airfairs.

Just changed to Vc poker from Pokerstars the main reason being the 50% rakeback im now getting, val. Struggling a little though as the standard seems a lot higher on stars with far more regs who are easily spotable and grinding out a profit. But after 3 days play ive won a little after early losses and hopefully this rakeback will be a handy increase to my bamkroll. Planning to play the next deepstack weekend at dusk and a few trips away when Owe gets back and jeal sorts out his cashpout probs. Still gonna play a few tourneys on stars and i should really do something about my sharkscope on that site as its terrible lol so see you at the tables RockOfNorth is my name on all sites now.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Online Gold

I really cant be bothered to write much at the mo but ive been gold vip on stars for about 2 weeks now and im doing alrite online playing 1 2 holdem and PLO8 running fairly well and making a fairly decent profit despite not cashing in a sng or mtt for about 17 years. Off to Spain next week to work on my golf game the aim is to come back refreshed and win millions

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ship me the dollar

Cheers then Jeal youve effectivly killed me for 2 days finished the hundread with about an hour to spare but didnt cash in my last 15-20 sitngos just couldnt concentrate nemore so thats something i need to work on and also indentified a few gaping leaks in my game which im now going to attempt to address. So ship me the 400£ jeal cheers then

Friday, 29 May 2009

The Prob Bet

So got a prob bet with Jeal as ive now started playing online more frequent he has given me the bet that i cant play 100 sitngos in 16 hours at 8-1 well ive got 50£ on it so ill keep u posted

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Min Val in mis reading in 1 way or another

So since my last post ive played very little live because well basically i dont want to because im that disgusted with my game. Been playing a little online over the last couple of days and ive switched from my main game being cash and im now concentrating on mtts and 180 man turbo sngs. Been breaking about level really cashed in a few tourneys but never too deep, until i played in the $5.50 rebuy $50,000 guaranteed. Played really quite well throughout the tourney and was reletivly tight only played 6 % of flops in around 6 hours of play. Was only in for 15$ so when i cashed at about 450 runners i was already in profit. Had a fair amount of chips all tourney and got my money in good most of the time winning every showdown. Went out on an interesting hand when the blinds were fairly big at 10 and 20 thousand the utg min raises my bb and i find AQ hh im never flat calling here its either all in or fold and as the player had been fairly active i decided on pushing after some thought. The utg player thinks and then calls with QQ and no miracle ace i came 36th for 107$ bit sick i made the wrong moe but it really was a 50 50 decision and with me playing these types of tourney more often now hopefully ill tighten some leaks in my game3 and start to grind.

I then played our customary 10 20p holdem game on monday night and was absolutley knakered was losing about £60 and not really playing my best I then call the small blind with what i believed was 6 8 the flop came A 10 8 and it checks round to dave the dip on the button who bet 1.10 i tanked for show and passed checking my cards after i had said fold and looked down at 88 happy days what a muppet i am and after the banter i left just too tired to play.

Now lets see if this online grind is as easy as jeal makes it look

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Can Someone pass me a red hot poker please

So basically this post will be fairly short. Im playing like a cunt at the moment after talking to some freinds it was decided i needed more aggression pre flop and in trying to do that Ive lost the ability to play cards at all. So despite some fairly good sessions there have been some very bad sessions noticibly dusk last wednesday when up around 400 early doors i managed to lose over a monkey playing like a blind retard. So a break from live poker looks likely ive recently dipped online for the first time in a while and after winning 140$ on cash i decided to lose with AA vs 77 KKvs 77 QQvs77 and 1010vs 88 and some other fruity hands. Ive now lost 11 50 50 s in a row online and feel like im running really well.
Ih well onwards and upwards and remind me never to mess with a game that has been fairly profitable for quite a while its justr greedy next time im just gonna try and tighten up some leaks. And the next person who berates me for limping AK AQ AJ my original view on this hand stands its not a made hand so go Fuck Yourselves

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Run good 1 time or Not

So there was a £10 rebuy at norwich poker club guaranteed £2000 1st place last night. And I thought given my recent tournament results I had a fairly good chance of cashing well if not winning it. 2 1 hour rebuy levels and I was off 2 a good start fleecing squirrel of a pony before the tourney started, unfortunatly that was the high point for a while. With only 1000 chips it was basically all in or fold and i missed out on a few pots by folding KQ and KJ. I then have QQ AA and JJ and lose with all fairly standard considering i lost to K7 24 and 10 10 HAPPY DAYS.
However I did manage using my great powers of running good to find AA QQ and 99 in about 15 hands and won them all cheers then and after a double top up of 5000 chips I was in a fairly strong position of 13000 with average at 8500. Lost a few pots that were fairly marginal decided to put pressure on the 2 short stacks and it didnt go so well. Two pots followed that were fairly cold. I get A5 dd on the button and decide to limp in after 2 limpers as the blinds were fairly passive and the pot was worth taking down with a continuation bet. flop 5 5 10 happy days its checked to me and i fire 1200 into about 3000 get raised to 3 total (hmm interesting ) i decide to flat call hoping to extract further value on the turn. Turn 10 terrible caqrd especially as he insta ships for 14500 i dilma then pass convinced he had a 10. Few hands later its limped to me in the big blind where i find Q2 flop comes Q 9 4 rainbow mid position leads for 1250 into about 2500 i have him covered as he only has 5000 back i move all in and he takes an age to call and finally calls with J 10 turn is a beau tifull 8 cya double him up and im suddenly short stack with about 5500 left.

Now this isnt disastrous as with the antes in there was nearly 2000 in the pot before a card is dealt. I dont show a hand for about the next hour taking down about 1 in 4 pots with all in moves val in uber tight image. Got doubled up with AK against Q7 cheers then. Before I knew it we were on the bubble of 17 players only 5 on our table and somehow from nowhere im chip leader on my table with the terrible but i cant miss player in second. I continue my all in moves it was working well and there was 14000 in blinds and antes. I find A 10 ss and move all in and the second in chips makes a stand on the big blind with A 5 on the bubble ?????? he has plenty of chips hence why i was moving on his blinds. Predictably the flop comes down with a juicy 5 on it no spades and no miracle 10 on the turn or river so i just lost a pot for 112000 chips on the bubble happy days predictably the bubble burst next hand meaning I had cashed (now 6 for 6). Well my stack was now seriously short but not the shortest and 3 more people went out before I made my stand with A J I had 16000 and the pot was 23000 in just blinds but the big blind finds AK and calls the extra 6000 and cya cya bye tourney over.

Played cash for a bit and was winning until ran AK into a set of Jacks on an A J 3 rainbow board oh well run good. But had been concentrating on the tourn really and cash was a bit of a sideline as couldnt get on the table with all the money on.

Cheers then Tyler