Monday, 20 April 2009

Brighton the week before and the Aftermath

So anyone who knows me quite well knows i had been running dreadfully all year in pretty much all games except the 22 dealers game at dusk till dawn. A couple of sessions in feb winning 500 and then a 2 day trip in late feb led to a 2 grand profit shippit!!!!. Unfortunatly this was my last win over 100 till 18th April. The Norwegian poker championship came to dusk on a weekend when i was at a loose end and was puersuaded (against my better judgment) to go up on a sunday by 2 ppl whod never been so going against the advise of people i respect who reminded me that you need a huge bankroll to play against these people up we went. Thus ensued the worst running night of my life including having my aces cracked by a guy who called 150 pre flop 82 off happy days. Well that summed the night up and consequently i lost over a bag that night happy days. Well the student poker championship in Birmingham and once more i ran well especially on the cash table, by the way cheers to adam lattimer for calling down light to see where he was and then hitting his 2 outer to put me on tilt, and i tilt bad. So Birmimngham and another few bags lost. So heading to Brighton hoping my bad run will finally end, no such luck im afraid i managed to bubble in the 200 fo and the 50 rebuy round of each. I also typically ran bad at cash missing my wraps and flush draws and then having ppl hit theres aginst my sets i couldnt buy a 60 40 let alone win one. i did manage to sattalite into the main event for 30 quid. But that went well i had qq jj 3 times kk twice and aa once and won one of these hands (aa won the blinds). Althugh this blog is vague im a bit fed up of the grind at the mo and am, just playing for fun for a bit before settling down to the summer grind. More to follow


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