Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Home Games U gotta love them

So last night we head out for all you can eat chinse and the prospect of some 10p 20p nl holdem at jeals for laughs where the sidebets were gonna be more than the game itself.(how wrong we were) it was great fun and being the preverbial homegame king that I am I ran good. Got a few big hands payed off aswell as a few marginal calls that were good (jeal lol) and then managed to 3 out panda on the turn when i didnt believe he had a pair so 2nd pair made 2 pair and a nice pot. Result for the night was £120 profit with me and rich jones(world famous massive fish like the biggest fish ive ever met but hes still quite good) carving the table. To say the least I enjoyed myself and look forward as always to the next home game with excitment there just so funny.

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  1. have you not posted since because you havent won since?