Friday, 1 May 2009

Finally the tide seems to have turned

Happy days I seem to have finally began running like only a slightly sub-standard human being generally like one with one leg.
Well apart from losing 40 in our 10 20 home game and 200 in the 50 1 game at npc on monday on tuesday whilst being the most card dead person ever. Well ive took the step recently of not playing online and going back to grinding live tourneys (I know those of you who know me know i said never again and no fucking value ever) but ive rediscovered my love of tourneys even those really small ones at npc such as the 3 £ rebuy but then when ur in for 3£ and 1st is 280£ thats some value. So 5 cashes out of 5 not always running the best on the final table and coming up against the juggernaught that is Dani. Well played the 50 1 game last night again (it really is like a 1 2) and was clearly the tightest player by about 14 miles on what was a very laggy table with tim and baker on true re raise with air form. Did nice though won the first pot and took a couple of others down before a flurry of interesting hands. I get dealt tens in the cutoff and make it 6 50 to go after about 3 limpers predictably Tim calls but a 8 high rainbow board is just juicy enough for me to get it all in against Tim with a 9 and double up. Well the next pot i play is predictably AA from the button and Tim raises to 4.50 from mid pos, I raise to 13 and get just Tim for the ride, but then nightmare flop Kh Qs 10s and Tim leads for 25 i take the unusual step of making it 50 before Tim shoves for about 200 more. I had a think but then called with my remaining 125 why u ask well i think im still generally ahead of Tims range and he made a very similar move against me last week verbally claimimg the nuts when he had bottom pair and a gut shot. Lone behold I was in fornt and just for fun i stayed in front taking down a fair pot.
The next hand is one i dont think i played to the best of my ability. Farouk goes all in for 17 in a straddle pot under the gun plus 1, i find As Kd so continuing my passive pre flop play i flat call, Baker 2 positions to my left raises 50 more, at this point my stack was about 550 and I was fairly happy to peel off a flop thinking im probably ahead of both their ranges. The flop comes down Qs 10s 5s and i check Baker bets 50 more now here i should probably raise all in with 2 overs a gut shot and the nut flush draw but i opt for pot control flat calling thinking that must look terrifying and the brakes would come on. Turn 9h I again checked and Baker bets 103 all in so here I think are my errors I miscount Bakers stack thinking he has 260 back but i should raise the flop and see both my cards removing the dilemma from the turn aswell as putting Baker back under pressure well i squeezed a call out and the river bricked and Baker turns over AA, i missed but should probably against the player have seen all my cards when ive got the most outs (flop) Oh well.
Finished the session without much incident and cahsed out a profit of 300 (oh if not for that pot its more like 550). But moving on tonights tourney at npc is a 10£ rebuy with 2000 guaranteed first prize so doubtless youll be getting a post 2morow.

Cheers then Tyler

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