Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Min Val in mis reading in 1 way or another

So since my last post ive played very little live because well basically i dont want to because im that disgusted with my game. Been playing a little online over the last couple of days and ive switched from my main game being cash and im now concentrating on mtts and 180 man turbo sngs. Been breaking about level really cashed in a few tourneys but never too deep, until i played in the $5.50 rebuy $50,000 guaranteed. Played really quite well throughout the tourney and was reletivly tight only played 6 % of flops in around 6 hours of play. Was only in for 15$ so when i cashed at about 450 runners i was already in profit. Had a fair amount of chips all tourney and got my money in good most of the time winning every showdown. Went out on an interesting hand when the blinds were fairly big at 10 and 20 thousand the utg min raises my bb and i find AQ hh im never flat calling here its either all in or fold and as the player had been fairly active i decided on pushing after some thought. The utg player thinks and then calls with QQ and no miracle ace i came 36th for 107$ bit sick i made the wrong moe but it really was a 50 50 decision and with me playing these types of tourney more often now hopefully ill tighten some leaks in my game3 and start to grind.

I then played our customary 10 20p holdem game on monday night and was absolutley knakered was losing about £60 and not really playing my best I then call the small blind with what i believed was 6 8 the flop came A 10 8 and it checks round to dave the dip on the button who bet 1.10 i tanked for show and passed checking my cards after i had said fold and looked down at 88 happy days what a muppet i am and after the banter i left just too tired to play.

Now lets see if this online grind is as easy as jeal makes it look

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