Sunday, 24 May 2009

Can Someone pass me a red hot poker please

So basically this post will be fairly short. Im playing like a cunt at the moment after talking to some freinds it was decided i needed more aggression pre flop and in trying to do that Ive lost the ability to play cards at all. So despite some fairly good sessions there have been some very bad sessions noticibly dusk last wednesday when up around 400 early doors i managed to lose over a monkey playing like a blind retard. So a break from live poker looks likely ive recently dipped online for the first time in a while and after winning 140$ on cash i decided to lose with AA vs 77 KKvs 77 QQvs77 and 1010vs 88 and some other fruity hands. Ive now lost 11 50 50 s in a row online and feel like im running really well.
Ih well onwards and upwards and remind me never to mess with a game that has been fairly profitable for quite a while its justr greedy next time im just gonna try and tighten up some leaks. And the next person who berates me for limping AK AQ AJ my original view on this hand stands its not a made hand so go Fuck Yourselves

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