Sunday, 3 May 2009

Run good 1 time or Not

So there was a £10 rebuy at norwich poker club guaranteed £2000 1st place last night. And I thought given my recent tournament results I had a fairly good chance of cashing well if not winning it. 2 1 hour rebuy levels and I was off 2 a good start fleecing squirrel of a pony before the tourney started, unfortunatly that was the high point for a while. With only 1000 chips it was basically all in or fold and i missed out on a few pots by folding KQ and KJ. I then have QQ AA and JJ and lose with all fairly standard considering i lost to K7 24 and 10 10 HAPPY DAYS.
However I did manage using my great powers of running good to find AA QQ and 99 in about 15 hands and won them all cheers then and after a double top up of 5000 chips I was in a fairly strong position of 13000 with average at 8500. Lost a few pots that were fairly marginal decided to put pressure on the 2 short stacks and it didnt go so well. Two pots followed that were fairly cold. I get A5 dd on the button and decide to limp in after 2 limpers as the blinds were fairly passive and the pot was worth taking down with a continuation bet. flop 5 5 10 happy days its checked to me and i fire 1200 into about 3000 get raised to 3 total (hmm interesting ) i decide to flat call hoping to extract further value on the turn. Turn 10 terrible caqrd especially as he insta ships for 14500 i dilma then pass convinced he had a 10. Few hands later its limped to me in the big blind where i find Q2 flop comes Q 9 4 rainbow mid position leads for 1250 into about 2500 i have him covered as he only has 5000 back i move all in and he takes an age to call and finally calls with J 10 turn is a beau tifull 8 cya double him up and im suddenly short stack with about 5500 left.

Now this isnt disastrous as with the antes in there was nearly 2000 in the pot before a card is dealt. I dont show a hand for about the next hour taking down about 1 in 4 pots with all in moves val in uber tight image. Got doubled up with AK against Q7 cheers then. Before I knew it we were on the bubble of 17 players only 5 on our table and somehow from nowhere im chip leader on my table with the terrible but i cant miss player in second. I continue my all in moves it was working well and there was 14000 in blinds and antes. I find A 10 ss and move all in and the second in chips makes a stand on the big blind with A 5 on the bubble ?????? he has plenty of chips hence why i was moving on his blinds. Predictably the flop comes down with a juicy 5 on it no spades and no miracle 10 on the turn or river so i just lost a pot for 112000 chips on the bubble happy days predictably the bubble burst next hand meaning I had cashed (now 6 for 6). Well my stack was now seriously short but not the shortest and 3 more people went out before I made my stand with A J I had 16000 and the pot was 23000 in just blinds but the big blind finds AK and calls the extra 6000 and cya cya bye tourney over.

Played cash for a bit and was winning until ran AK into a set of Jacks on an A J 3 rainbow board oh well run good. But had been concentrating on the tourn really and cash was a bit of a sideline as couldnt get on the table with all the money on.

Cheers then Tyler

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